image of cynthias butterfly garden

Welcome to butterflies gardens and raising butterflies...about how we created our own butterfly garden at our home
in Florida. This butterfly garden runs along the 40 ft length of the south side our home, with two trellises in the back
and a small square garden on the north side, all dedicated to the raising of Monarch, Pipevine Swallowtail and Sulphur
butterflies. The butterfly garden features a beautiful variety of necessary host plants and nectar plants popular with
those various butterflies such as Pipevines (host plant for the Swallowtails), Milkweeds (host plant for the Monarchs),
Cassias (host plant for Sulphurs), plus several of the various colorful nectar plants that these particular butterflies
feed on such as the Pentas, Lantanas, Porterweeds, and more.


image of butterfly garden

I'm happy to announce that my latest book, "Butterfly Lovers Primer" A Friendly
Reference About Raising Butterflies around your home is now on sale online at Just click on the book cover above and it will take you directly to
the book's listing on Amazon. You can also click on the cover of my popular
book, "Butterflies Gardens And Raising Butterflies" just below. Thank You!

image of butterfly garden

A Note here: If you're interested in purchasing a book and would like to have
me sign it for you, personally... send me an email (link below) to let me know
and I'll get back to you with how we can do that for you. Thank You, Cynthia

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image of cynthias butterfly garden


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